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Jose Mariano Alvarez

( Jose Mariano Alvarez )

Buenos Aires


I am an electronic engineer specialized in computers graduated from the University of Buenos Aires and since 1988 I have been working in the development of software in different areas and technologies. I focus on SQL Server performance tuning as well as business intelligence (BI) and decision support systems. I usually work as a consultant and coach on databases helping not only database administrators but also developers and development companies. 

I worked as a developer, architect, consultant and project leader on different Microsoft technologies. I am currently a founding partner of SQL Total Consulting, where we specialize in providing high added value services in these technologies. 

I participated in the creation of the Microsoft Users Group (MUG) in Argentina where I’m a speaker now. I participated in the launch of SQL Server 2005 and in events organized by different communities of users. I contribute with opinions and suggestions in different forums and I have written articles in technical journals in Argentina. 

From my first contact with neural networks in 1994 I was always passionate about artificial intelligence. Having worked in fraud control for one of the largest Argentine companies, allowed me to know the application of neural networks long before they became famous for the advances that have occurred in recent years. The artificial intelligence, and especially the automatic learning or machine learning, are my subjects of greater interest, because I consider that there are going to be many possibilities and novelties in the future.

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