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Emiliano Musso



Working in IT since 2003 as Software Developer for Essetre Srl, a company in Northern Italy partner of Sistemi S.p.A., for which i'm authorized in customize «Spring SB» and «Spring SQ» products, as well as «Spring SQL» and «eSolver». Software development, and staying up-to-date about the related technologies, is for me both a job and a passion, which i pursue searching always growing competence. I'm prolific in several online communities, including Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN), in which i am among the editors for Visual Basic.NET forum.
I'm also among the italian authors of articles for Microsoft TechNet Wiki, from which I was interviewed in May 2015.
In 2014 I received for the first time the Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award, for .NET expertise and my contributions to the community. In July 2015 I received the MVP status in the C# Corner community, one of the largest commuties for developers. In October 2015 I received confirmation for Microsoft MVP award, for the expertise Visual Studio and Development Technologies. In February 2016, being invited into the TechNet Community Council, a new project was entrusted to me and others italian experts for the creation of the Italian version of  Microsoft TechNet Wiki: Microsoft TechNet Italian Wiki Ninjas. In October 2016 i was reconfirmed for the third time as a Microsoft MVP

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