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Marco Arena

( Marco Arena )



Marco Arena is a Software Engineer and a Community Hacker.

Since 2011, Marco has worked as a Software Engineer and C++ Specialist on the Ferrari F1 Racing Team.

Behind the scenes, Marco defines himself a "Community Hacker": he's actively involved in the foundation, management and support of tech communities and events in Italy, although this is a side activity. The term "hacker" is just because he is an autodidact and many times he resorts to experiments and stopgaps to achieve community targets. Throughout the journey, he developed a strong passion for coaching and personal development.

In 2013 he founded ++it ( the Italian C++ Community) to meet and exchange stories with other C++ professionals in Italy. In 2014 he joined the group of editors of
In 2016 he created Coding Gym (, a programming lab and community currently active in 5 cities (Modena, Padua, Milan, Rome and Bari). In 2016 Marco joined the staff of "ConoscereLinux" ( or the Linux User Group (LUG) based in Modena.

He contributes the ecosystem as a blogger and speaker, not only about C++. His vision on life and work recalls Bruce Lee's philosophy: "the best fighter is someone who can adapt on any style".

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