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Singapore, Singapore
MVP(AI) | Business Leadership AI/IoT | AI/Data science Solution Architect | Full stack developer | Big data | Public speaker/ blogger for AI/ML |Mentor for Women in AI | Environment enthusiast | Avid reader


10 + years of experience in analysis, design and development of client/server, web based and n-tier application in both Java and technologies as well as UI Frameworks like Angular, Mobile development with NativeScript etc.
Currently working as Director for AI/IoT at Avanade, in charge of growing the AI/IoT business in SEA region. Implemented AI projects for government sector, in charge of forging strategic alliances with partners to increase the AI capability and revenue. Partnering with Microsoft for exploring and pitching AI for sustainability initiative in SEA industries.
Speaker at Microsoft and other technical events for Microsoft Technology stack and ML.NET, Conversation AI, Bot Framework, Azure Cognitive services like speech to text, Face recognition, Custom vision. Working as a solution architect with emerging market equities for building multi-platform and hybrid landscapes using Data science, Azure cloud, Azure IoT , Power BI, data warehouse, machine learning and various other technologies.  Worked with Fund managers in Data Science and Analytics with Python, ML.NET, web scraping tools and methodologies for sentiment analysis, sales predictions etc. Currently leading innovation technology team with projects architected with Elastic Search, Bot framework, text analytics, spam detection, machine learning algorithms related to neural word embedding, topic modelling like word2vec, LSTM for text completion, auto caption generation. Solution architect for micro services deployed with Azure Kubernetes cluster, Signal R, Azure Cognitive services and more. Active blogger on AI/ML topics.

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