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Charles Elwood

United States
Holland, MI
Pioneering AI & Neural Voice Solutions for Healthcare, Tourism and Education Sectors with Azure OpenAI Integration and Synthetic Neural Voice Recovery Technology


Charles Elwood, SolisMatica's founder, has always been passionate about using technology to enhance lives. Encouraged by his family, he pursued degrees in electrical engineering and industrial administration before working at Delphi Automotive and Johnson Controls. In 2019, he established SolisMatica to transform education, tourism, and healthcare sectors through AI, Data, and Neural Voice technologies.

SolisMatica offers innovative solutions like Azure OpenAI Technical Advisor, Neural Voice TTS/STT, Data Analytics with PowerBI, voice banking, and a voice restoration app. Charles' dedication led to a partnership with 360ofme, expanding to Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam, making healthcare, education, and tourism more accessible and safer.

Charles Elwood's visionary leadership has positioned SolisMatica at the forefront of AI, Data, and Neural Voice technology, inspiring colleagues and benefiting countless lives.

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