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Raffaele Rialdi

Our user group DotNetLiguria has the ambition to promote the IT culture in our region because we believe that this is the driver to make everyone's life better.


On PC he began with IBM DOS 1.0, 8088 assembler and Basica to continue the very long learning curve through MSC compiler, MASM, C, C++, Win16, Win32, COM, .NET, WinRT and now .NET Core.
It has been a long journey which saw his participation to various beta testing on Microsoft compilers (MASM, C++, Visual Studio), development kits and operating systems.
The love for hardware brought him to co-author the book "Elettronica Applicata" used for several years in a course of Electronic Engineer University in Genova. He still designs some hardware boards with small microcontrollers.
Currently is working as a software architect for many companies but he love to say that writing code is the right way to understand real problems.
He is now a teacher in training courses, speaker in conferences and consultant as architect, developer on .NET, .NET Core and C++ based projects.
He is driving the DotNetLiguria user group since 2011 whose goal is to make the software development culture in the Liguria region.

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