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Blake McNeill

( Blake McNeill )

Calgary, AB


Award winning software designer, and development manager with a long history including a number of successful start-up companies.  I wrote my first program in 1977 in Fortran IV with punch cards on a CDC 172 mainframe computer, I've been developing apps for Microsoft platforms since DOS and wrote my first commercial Windows application in 1990 for Windows 3 and have been a Windows development specialist ever since.  I love to learn new things and being a software designer and idea guy behind many start-ups has enabled me to learn and become a domain expert in many fields such as petroleum reservoir and pipeline simulation, banking, golf course management, security, medical, IoT and more in order to design and develop leading software in use world wide.  Microsoft has always provided not only a great platform and technologies to run these products, but development tools and technologies to create the products that people want to use in helping them do their jobs beyond their expectations.  I have been answering questions, posting articles and doing presentations since the days of UseNet and BBS as I've learned a lot over the years from others, and so I like to give back to the developer community and now share my latest passions of IoT and UWP application development.