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Windows Server for Small and Medium Business
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Office365, Microsoft Azure, Remote Desktop Services
Amy Babinchak
United States
Amy owns Harbor Computer Services, a consulting firm specializing in providing IT services to small businesses. She is also Managing Partner of Third Tier, which provides advanced support services to other consultants and vendors. 

She has written articles, contributed to the SBS Unleashed books, is the technical editor for others, has been a speaker to many user groups, and conferences.  Amy runs a local IT usergroup in Michigan and organizes and speaks in webinars held by Third Tier.  Amy's company also hosts the SMBKitchen ASP which is a year long project of authoring on a variety of SMB topics to help consultants prepare for the giant changes in technology that are happening now.

She can be founded on her blogs at and, various Yahoo SBS mailing lists, LinkedIN groups, Yammer as well as @thirdtier, @harborcomputer and @ababinchak on twitter. Amy also has a couple of curations on Curah
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