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Windows Server for Small and Medium Business
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SharePoint Server
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Hungarian, English
Gabor Reczi
Budapest, Budapest
A magyar kisvállalatok kezdik felismerni a hibrid felhő előnyeit
„You don’t want clinch with screwdriver, because it is possible, but a little ceremonious”. It is my motto to give result of collecting the information about Small Business Server 2003, 2008, 2011 and connected products (exchange, sharepoint, networking, virtualization) experience from blogs, forums, courses etc. As an MCT and MCSE, I teach and consult almost of all indvidual components of SBS, so there are many possibilty to talk with real-life system administrators. The object I propose to myself that let these experiences be reachable primarily in hungarian language.

Rest of my professional interest are: mass deploying of operating systems, applications, virtualization. My personal hobbies are the cooking and playing cards (tarock and ulti).

Here is the time change and inovation of small business or home office IT function. At the past, we named the Itpro as "system administrator". Now, the business needs Services, not only device-operation. This is huge different approach!

I invite you my blog, where I help you make necessary changes of you mentality about new-age  Itpro, and show tips, tricks together hungarian-specific scenarios with hybrid-cloud technologies.
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