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Windows Server for Small and Medium Business
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Cloud & Server Installation and Servicing, Remote Desktop Services
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Jeff Middleton
Founder of &
As an SBS-MVP since 1999, I’ve been fortunate to learn as much as I have ever added to the community discussion. In all the time I’ve talked about Group Policy, Terminal Services, Security, Patch Management, Wide-Area and remote operations, and Disaster Recovery and Deployment optimization. What is remarkable to me is that no matter what I think I know about any topic, there’s someone right after me who knows even more. Living in the community is a two-way street. I think the MVP experience is that you have to persist in a very active world.

After nearly 20 yrs. operating a New Orleans based VAR business, I worked through figuring out each challenge each day like it was mine alone. I discovered the SBS product and shortly thereafter the newsgroup discussion on SBS, and I came to realize that it’s not the lack of knowledge that holds us back, it the lack of making learned experiences available and accessible.

My natural instinct is to “work smarter, not harder”, and as I developed ideas over the years I worked on ever increasing complexity as my challenge. I’m grateful to have the recognition of the community and from MS for helping others. It was the encouragement of my community of technical peers that lead me to launch a new career. 

In October 2004 I established as the way to allow me to deliver help and guidance beyond what time I could volunteer online. My hobby is now my business...7 days a week! From 2004 to 2013 this business has assisted IT Pros with migration of SBS 4.0 through SBS 2011 in replacing and upgrade strategies and support. By 2010 we were supporting cross-platform migrations with all versions of Exchange and Windows platforms as well.
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