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Windows Server for Small and Medium Business
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Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, Office365
Kevin Weilbacher
Being recognized as a Microsoft MVP for ten straight years has been a humbling and rewarding experience.
I've lived in the Tampa FL area since 1974. I run my own business & technology consulting business (KWSupport) and have been selling and installing and supporting Smnall Business solutions since 2001. I am honored to have been designated a MVP every year since 2004. I was voted and selected as an SMB Top 150 Influencer in 2010 and 2012. I have been a speaker at national SMB Nation and SBSMigration conferences, as well as local and regional conferences. I am active with the Tampa Bay IT Pro (formerly SBS) User Group. I have been a featured speaker locally on SBS, WHS and 3rd party solutions. I also make presentations to the auto industry on the topics of computer security, identity theft protection and offer solutions to dealerships. I served 4 years as Vice President-Technology for Continental-National Services Corporation, a Florida-based consulting and insurance brokerage firm that uses SBS. I managed the I.T. department for Florida Blood Services (local blood bank) for 12 years working with Unix servers, and prior to that I worked in pre-sales Technical Support at Unisys (Burroughs) Corporation for 15 years in various District and Regional positions. I enjoy writing an occasional "song of the week" for the Microsoft newsgroups. My hobbies include music, magic and cooking/grilling for family and friends! I even put together the 1st MVP Cookbook. Being recognized as a Microsoft MVP for ten straight years is humbling all by itself. But to work with fellow MVP's and Microsoft personnel people from around the world, and call them "my good friends", has been a real blessing to me, both personally and professionally.
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