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Windows Server for Small and Medium Business
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Xbox, Windows Server for Small and Medium Business
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Nick The Naked MVP Whittome
Nick "The Naked MVP" Whittome
Nick Whittome who is managing director and co-founder of NTES. 

Nick is originally from the UK but has lived in Ireland for the last 20 years and set up NTES in 1999. A self-confessed geek, Nick is extremely passionate about all things IT and will not settle until his client’s issues are resolved. 

A proud father of twins who lives in a small village called Murroe in Co. Limerick. Murroe & surrounding areas did not have internet access when Nick first moved in and since then he has brought a new wireless provider to the area and set up a community website

He is a Microsoft MVP for the last 10 years and as part of the MVP programme Nick works directly with the teams in Microsoft who bring you both Small Business Server and Windows Home Server.   Flying is one of his passions which has meant that Nick has worked with the well-known Microsoft flight simulators teams. 

He is also a massive rugby supporter having travelled all over Europe supporting Munster on their journeys towards Heineken cup success.

Nick has played the trumpet and piano since the age of 7 and even tried his hand at making a career out of it before his true calling to the world of Information technology was realised.

Nick moderates the Small Business Server section on Mark Minasi's forum - - and can also be found via the NTES Limited website - or even his blog (the name on the blog is a whole other story).
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