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Alan Burchill | Group Policy |
Alan Burchill has worked in the IT industry in Australia for over 10 years and consulted for a number of large multi-national organisations and government departments. He is also one of the organizers of the Microsoft Brisbane Infrastructure User Gro...
Danny Kim | Group Policy |
Danny Kim is a Microsoft MVP and recognized industry expert on Windows Group Policy, Active Directory, PowerShell, and Windows Azure. Kim has helped more than 30 Fortune 100 companies, including Bank of America, Boeing, and Wal-Mart, design and deplo...
Darren Mar-Elia | Group Policy |
Darren Mar-Elia (aka "GPOGUY") is President and CTO of SDM Software, Inc. (www.sdmsoftware.com)--a Windows management products company focusing on Group Policy solutions. Prior to SDM, he worked at DesktopStandard, which was acquired by Microsoft, as...
Derek Melber | Group Policy |
Derek Melber, MCSE, MVP, is an independent consultant and speaker, as well as author of many IT books. Derek educates and evangelizes Microsoft technology, focusing on Active Directory, Group Policy, Security, and desktop management. Derek is Presid...
Dmitry Bulanov | Group Policy |
Hello, my name is Dmitry Bulanov. I am an author of more than 150 articles about Windows operating systems at the Russian computer informational portal OSZone.net. Also, I answer questions at the client OS online forums at OSZone.net message board. I...
Guy Yardeni | Group Policy |
I’m a 15 year veteran of IT infrastructure work, most of it in the role of architecting, designing and implementing technologies such as directories, messaging, system management, security systems and content management platforms.
Jeremy Moskowitz | Group Policy |
Jeremy Moskowitz runs GPanswers.com, a community forum for Group Policy enthusiasts. Jeremy teaches hands-on training to administrators who want to make their world more secure using Group Policy. Learn more about GPanswers and getting traini...
Mark Heitbrink | Group Policy |
Mark Heitbrink first contact to computers were in the early 80ies. Actually he is working as a technical specialist, designing Active Airectory structures focused on administrative delegation and optimized for the distribution of Group Policy. Client...
Martin Binder | Group Policy | Germania
Back in 1992 I started with Windows 3.1, followed by OS/2 and again a lot of Windows (NT4,2000,2003,2008). For several years, I'm focused on administering Windows through GPO and scripting.
Matthias Wolf | Group Policy |
Since 2001 I have been a working professional in the IT industry. Though my responsibility often go beyond my job scope, my focus has been on Windows Server Environment, Group Policies, as well as Virtualization. I have supervised and been responsi...