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Al Edlund | Visio |
Mr. Edlund is a Senior Consulting Architect in networking.Mr. Edlund has taught network design/architecture development, network problem determination, communications concepts, and network consulting He uses Visio to provide documentation on comple...
Aviv Liberman | Visio |
Aviv Liberman provides voluntary online support for Visio on Microsoft Israel communities since the Visio community was released in 2004.Since 2003, she works mainly in training and supporting Visio users from the engineering industry who has adopt...
Chris Roth | Visio |
Back in 1992, fresh from the University of Washington, Chris tossed his Mechanical Engineering degree in the trash and went to work for the then start-up Visio Corporation, taking the gamble that SmartShapes and programming would be more exciting tha...
Chung-Chi Wang | Visio | Taiwan
Chung-Chi is a Information Technology consultant as well as author of the books "Visio 2010 Practice in Business"(Traditional Chinese Edition)" and "Excel 2007/2010 Solver Solution(Traditional Chinese Edition). "He's not only a trainer, writer in I...
Frustrated as an architect in the late '80s, trying to match 3D building models with spreadsheets, David explored linking Unix CAD and SQL databases in the early '90s for facilities and cable management.Increasingly forced into Windows for presenta...
Ed Richard | Visio |
After starting my career in the Dutch Navy I studied IT in the eighties. After a few years as application developer for the navy the commercial IT world was too much of an attraction. I managed the technical aspects of a Clipper dev team of 8 people
Jimi Hong | Visio |
Visio Specialist in Korea. I run a Visio Cummunity - [http://cafe.naver.com/visiocafe]And I develop visual / graphic - system using Visio / CAD.Recentrly I'm interested in robot control system visualization and Office Apps.
John Goldsmith | Visio | Regno Unito
John has been working with Visio for over a decade and is a proud member of the small group of Microsoft Visio MVPs. He is a Director at visualSignals ltd, a London-based consultancy that helps companies develop a diverse range of Visio solutions fr...
John Marshall | Visio |
John Marshall is one of the original Visio MVPs and has provided voluntary online support for Visio since shortly after it was released in 1992. He has worked in the computer industry since the mid 1960s and still does development work on mainframe a...
上村国慶2000年頃からVisioを使い始める。2005年頃からVisioに関する情報の提供を開始。エンドユーザ向け情報・開発者向け情報を共に扱う。2011年にMicrosoft MVP for Visioを受賞。Visioのみならず各種CADも含め図面関連のトータルなソリューションを展開。ラスタ画像(bmpやjpgなど)の編集やPDF関連の開発も手がける。