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Aaron Erickson | Visual F# |
Aaron Erickson is helps lead the Analytics Practice at ThoughtWorks, where he advocates for use of F# to solve pressing business problems. Aaron has been delivering solutions on the Microsoft platform for over 20 years, and currently works with compa...
Adam Granicz | Visual F# |
Adam Granicz is an F# MVP and the CEO ofIntelliFactory, the leading provider of F#training, development and consultingservices; and technologies that enable rapidfunctional, reactive web development.As one of the first F# users, Adam is a...
Bryan Hunter | Visual F# | Stati Uniti
Bryan Hunter is a geek, a founding partner of Firefly Logic, a Microsoft MVP in C#, the founder of Nashville Functional Programmers, and a past-president of NashDotNet. Bryan is obsessed with Lean, functional programming (Erlang, C# and F#), CQRS and...
Chao Ma | Visual F# |
F#/C# developer
Chris Marinos | Visual F# |
Chris is a F# MVP, software consultant in Ann Arbor MI, functional programming enthusiast, speaker, writer, and blogger. He's also worked with and enjoys discussing: C#, LINQ, WPF, Python, Django, Ruby, Rails, CoffeeScript, and backbone.js. When not
Daniel Mohl | Visual F# |
Daniel Mohl is a professional software engineer/architect whose interests include understanding the intricacies of various programming languages, enterprise application architecture, and how to bridge the gap between business and technology. He works...
Dave Fancher | Visual F# | Stati Uniti
Dave Fancher is a Software Development Engineer III at Performance Assessment Network (pan) in Carmel, Indiana, the author of The Book of F#, and a Microsoft MVP for Visual F#. He has been building software with the .NET Framework since version 1.1.
Eriawan Kusumawardhono | Visual F# |
Isaac Abraham | Visual F# | Regno Unito
Isaac has been developing on the .NET Framework since v1.0. Starting on C#, he was introduced to F# a few years ago, loved it immediately and hasn't looked back!He is interested in programming languages in general, distributed computing and big d...
Jack Fox | Visual F# | Stati Uniti
Full-stack software engineer working for Tachyus in oil and gas production. Primary tools: F# and open source F#, Azure, SQL Server, SQLLite, WebSharper, Xamarin. Interested in Type Theory and its practical applications for program correctness. Acti...