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Brett Gilbertson | Windows Touch & Tablet PC | Australia
Brett used his first portable computer around 1985. It was an IBM "portable." Today you'll most likely find Brett using a rugged powerhouse Motion Computing F5t and a Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2. You might see him on the plane next to you scribbling...
Ken Azuma | Windows Touch & Tablet PC |
Ken Azuma has dedicated the most of his work life to RichInternet Application development project. He is working to unite the designer and developer areas of RIA development.After years of considering how developers and designers can work t...
W Newquay | Windows Touch & Tablet PC |
Warner Crocker | Windows Touch & Tablet PC |
Warner Crocker is a professional theatre producer, director and playwright who also happens to be a Tablet PC enthusiast since inking on his first Tablet PC in June of 2003. Warner lives in Chicago, Il. He is a free-lance playwright, theatre dire...