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Thaissa Bueno Sanches

( Thaissa Bueno Sanches )

Vancouver, BC
Microsoft MVP in Artificial intelligence | Azure Data and AI architecture consultant/Avanade | Speaker in AI


I started a Post Graduation in Machine Learning and Deep Learning, which I am doing an MBA in Deep Learning and doing Nanodegree of Deep learning at UDACITY.
I have more than 13 years of experience developing in the Microsoft .NET Platform with C# and know Java.
I worked in many companies, including multinationals, such as Capgemini, Stefanini, Walmart, Netshoes, and Avanade, where I learned good logistics, industrial management, commercial management, and financial, health & wellness, human resources, and e-commerce.
I have experience developing chatbots with Microsoft Bot Framework, applications using cognitive services (Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon AWS and IBM Cloud) and Machine Learning services using Azure Machine Learning.
I have architecture skills for cognitive systems and facial and object recognition systems using OpenCV, Microsoft FaceAPI, and Microsoft Custom Vision.
I work with the development of Neural Networks in the architectures neuralnet, CNN and LSTM with Keras and Tensorflow or Keras and CNTK.
I also work with developing algorithms with the scikit-learning library and ML.NET, where it is possible to develop machine learning applications without Microsoft .NET Core.
I have experience with programming languages as ​​C#, Java, Python, Javascript, and C++.

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