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Dynamics NAV
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Dynamics NAV
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English, Danish
Per Mogensen
United States
Atlanta, GA
NAV Development and technical knowledge
Per Mogensen is the founder of and the lead developer of the NAV Easy Security and Mergetool product. He holds a Master of Science degree from the Technical University of Denmark.

In 1992, Mogensen began working for PC&C A/S, which later became the Danish enterprise software company Navision A/S in Denmark (later acquired by Microsoft). One of Mogensen’s early assignments was to develop the character-based version of the Navision application. He was also responsible for localization and release of the software for five countries in Europe. Mogensen was later responsible for developing VAT/TAX and distribution functionality and many other features included in Navision Financials 1.1 and later.

After leaving Navision, Mogensen worked for ExpandIT Solutions developing web-application and add-on products for Navision and Axapta.

Over the past 10 years, he has been Development Manager for Lanham Associates with responsibility for maintaining high quality and continued improvements of the products.

Since the company was started in February 2010 has he been working on training and assisting partners with upgrade and conversion to the RoleTailored environment for Dynamics NAV.
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