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Laurent Miltgen-Delinchamp
Président de l'association "Les Communautés IT", président de l'association "Les Communautés MS", créateur des "Afterworks des Communautés MS", fondateur de l'UG Cumulos, fondateur du chapitre français de l'IAMCP
Laurent is an IT enthusiast who has enjoyed sharing his passion for technology for many years. In the early eighties he began his technology career using various technologies available at that time (Apple, Oric, CP/M) and got involved local technology groups.
After many years of experience as senior engineer, project manager and consultant in several major international firms, he is now Senior Consultant at Elgon (Luxembourg).
On the community side, he founded the French Windows Vista User Group (GUWiV) in 2006.
In 2007, he founded the French Chapter of the IAMCP (International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners) and serves as Vice-President and CTO. He also helped to establish additional user groups in France such as the GUWiSe (French Windows Server User Group) and CUMULOS (Office 365 User Group).
Laurent is a multiple year MVP and is regarded as an expert in many facets of Microsoft Technologies as well as Cloud Computing.
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