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Laura da Silva

Data Scientist | IWDS Founder | Microsoft MVP in AI


Laura da Silva is passionate about promoting, educating and developing projects STEM or Data Science related. With a degree in Maths and PhD studies in HPC, Laura has worked in a variety of roles: from secondary maths teacher and C# software developer to Principal Data Scientist. Currently, she is the founder and CEO of Da Silva Advanced Analytics and works as advisor in Data Science for Social Good projects. She is really committed to grow the STEM community and tech learning experiences for women and girls. She is the founder of “Inspiring Women in Data Science”, a community group with 950+ women and regular monthly events. She also created and co-organized the 1st International Conference on Women and Girls in Science in London with 100+ attendees. Nowadays, she is in the UK helping other companies with their Data Science strategy, at the same time that she is contributing to community with workshops, talks, panels, etc.

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