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Tiago Tartari

Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo
I help executives, business teams and technicians solve complex problems using technology to maximize results.


More than 20 year of experience in technology acting as executive, mentor and techinical specialist. I helped to transform the B2C and B2B sector. 

As a lof of experience in retail sector, mainly online, I  manage events like black friday, where a site receive about 10x more of people.

As a way to ensure that instabilities do not harm the strategy and the business, I use practices of software engineering to supoort most simultaneous access. The goal is
ensure scalability, stability, confiability and more quality attributes.

I've real experience implementing the SRE discipline  in many companies, mainly big retais and distributors. I was alble to switch between business and technology in the same meeting to undestand business objectives and translate for technology teams.

In software, evolving is better than revolutionizing. I evolve product, engineering and operations teams, reaching the reliability maturity model based on facts and not based on assumptions.

I lead agreements between technology teams and business teams to break down silos to understand the importance of availability for the business to reduce operational risks and how technology can impact business objectives.

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