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Darshna Shah

United Kingdom
Sustainability Strategist, Data Scientist, Tech Blogger and Organiser of Data Science London.


Darshna is the Director of Innovation for Sustainability at Elastacloud  (Data Science and Cloud consultancy). Building on her broad-ranging consultancy experience, in which Darshna has developed and deployed a wide range of machine learning models on Azure across a myriad of industries, she has refined focus over the last few years to developing solutions in Sustainability. Darshna has a PhD in Neuroscience, specialising in neuronal network dynamics in drug-resistant temporal lobe epilepsy from which her passion for Data and AI stemmed. 

During the last few years she has established herself as a speaker and mentor, having given talks at Tech(K)now Day, Microsoft conferences (Future Decoded, Build, Ignite), DPS Days, Cloud Brew, The TFL Data Science Group, UK Azure meetup, Digital Camp UK, SQL Bits as well as co-organising and leading the monthly Data Science London meetup group to bring together a community of over 10,000 members together to discuss and learn about the latest and most compelling data science algorithms and use-cases. She has a huge passion for sustainability and loves speaking with diverse audiences, learning and sharing knowledge through blog posts.

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