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Deji Akomolafe


One of the ironies of my MVP life is that people don't believe me when I say I do this mostly for SELFISH reasons. People want to believe in my altruism. Unfortunately, I disappoint. Sorry.

I do this all because of ME. You see, *I* like doing it. *I* am very indebted to a lot of people who have helped me along the way on my journey through the IT jungle. When I have been lost, they have been there to lead ME out of the woods. So, this is MY way of repaying my debts to them.

Another reason I do this: it is the BEST, most-efficient, and most-inexpensive way I have found to LEARN. While it appears that I am doing the teaching, I am secretly utilizing the opportunity to learn and improve my self-worth, acquire new knowledge and mingle with the REAL EXPERTS.

That's my secret. It's all about ME.