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Muhammad Arsalan Ayub


Arsalan is President of DotNetOlympians Group. Arsalan has been awarded the MVP award for Visual Web Development in ASP/ASP .NET for the second time in a row 2007-2009.

Arsalan is a seasoned IT professional with a varied set of expertise. 
He has been executing the following responsibilities:·        Develop state of the art software industry specific solutions for Business Intelligence enterprises.
Provide consultation on how to improve the existing systems to achieve higher performance and stability. 
Gather requirements for analysis, design and finally developing a deploying a fully functional solution.

Arsalan believes in developing technological simple solutions to complex questions and challenges faced by the modern organization.A true believer in the web and distributed systems he has a passion of developing web application. 
He is a technology evangelist and has been helping organizations, professionals and students through different online forums.
Currently working with Al-Moayed group he is stationed as an outsourced consultant at the Ministry of Culture and Information (MOCI) Bahrain. 

Website: http://dotnetolympians.wordpress.com