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Pablo Ariel Di Loreto

( Pablo Ariel Di Loreto )

Mar de Ajó (La Costa), Buenos Aires
🏳️‍🌈 He/Him/His/Él 💼 Engineering Manager #MODO 👨‍💻 Founder ConoSur.Tech 🎓 Professor 💡 Opinions are my own


My name is Pablo Ariel Di Loreto, I was born in May 1981 and I am from Berazategui City, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

My ties with computing started in 1998 when I was 16 years old, back then I started learning how to manage servers on Microsoft platform (Windows Server, Exchange Server, IIS, etc.) and made software developments with ASP and PHP technologies. A while later, I began working productively in Manage Microsoft Platform and Software Development.

From some years ago, I had a high activity in professional communities, through events, webcast, forums and other publications. In April 2014 I was recognized from Microsoft as "Most Valuable Professional (MVP)"​ in "Artificial Intelligence" and "Microsoft Azure"​ Specialist.

Currently I'm Engineering Manager at MODO (http://modo.com.ar), the payment solution with which you can send, order and pay from your mobile device in the safest, most practical and convenient way. MODO allows you to connect your money and your world to simplify everyday life. At MODO we are agents of change in the financial system.

I am also the Founder and Director of some organizations, such as ConoSurTech (https://conosur.tech), PuertoTec (https://puertotec.com) and SaberIT (https://aprender.it).

If you want to talk with me, write me to pablodiloreto@hotmail.com or visit my website at https://pablodiloreto.com/.

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