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Windows Development
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Russian, English
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Aleksandr Kudishov

MVP focused on Game Development & Windows Development, VR/AR/MR. Game Producer, Tech Evangelist, Holographic Developer, MSP Lead of Game-Development. Developer and good man ;)


Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Windows Development, Game development & VR/AR/MR development; Game producer; Business Development Manager at Buka Entertainment; Tech evangelist; developer. Former Microsoft Student Partner Program Lead in the field of game development & international relationships. 
With the extensive background in the gaming industry, he has experience in publishing, production, distribution on projects of different publishers such as Ubisoft, Valve, Square Enix, Activision, Deep Silver and etc. 

One of the few in Russia who participated in the Holographic Academy for Microsoft HoloLens, with the status of "Holographic Developer". 
He's speaker, organizer & expert of many conferences, hackathons, gamejams; judge of international competitions (such as Microsoft Imagine Cup from 2014 year and others). 
Loves everything about game development and will make you love that too.