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Jean-Philippe Encausse

( Jean-Philippe Encausse )

La Celle St Cloud Yvelines
Microsoft MVP AI, Native UI Expert (Speech, Vision, ...) working in Innovation since 20 years #Geek #CES


Entrepreneur, Tech and Business enthousiast, Speaker, Writer, Geek, ISTP-A, working in Innovation since 20 years. Expert in Native UI (Speech, Vision, SmartHome & IoT, AR, ...) since 10 years. I believe Native UX will fill the gap between physical and virtual worlds. #OpenToWork

Maker of S.A.R.A.H. (http://sarah.encausse.net) an Home Automation framework to command the Internet of Things using Native User Interface such as Voice Recognition, Gestures, ... powered by a community of +5000 members

After 12 years as R&D Engineer in Web Technologies on a Collaboration / NoSQL Software for Fortune 500 (OnPremise or SaaS) 

I created WhatsHome for 2 years, as a CTO, conducting qualitative marketing research with innovative technologies (IoT & Computer Vision) to provide consumers insights from real life at home. 

Then I became CTO of Innovation at VISEO to build pragmatic innovations for our customers. 

#MixedReality #Blockchain #Factory4.0 #SmartHome #CognitiveServices #PersonalAssistant

See also my resume here: 
- http://cv.encausse.net

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