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Azure Solutions Architect Expert, AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

Ko Ko

Senior AI Engineer. Product Manager of Cloud solution. Lecturer in technical communities.


Ko Ko is a Microsoft AI MVP and he works in the one of the largest telecommunication company in Taiwan, in charge of Cloud architecture, product manager and AI developing and integration with manufacturing industry. He is also a famous consultant for startups and traditional industries when they need to build IT and AI solution. 

In addition to strong CS background, Ko Ko had awarded a Master of Science degree in Plant Science. His passion for solving agriculture problems by coding has helped lots of farmers in Taiwan. Combined AI skill and agriculture knowledge, he has dedicated himself to developing agricultural robot, which can save time and labor and improve quality. He hope this program would be the game changer in agriculture industry. Recently, he launched a project, Viva Nica, to helped Nicaraguan farmers reduced carbon emission.

Ko Ko is a popular lecturer in Taiwan. He had made 12 technical presentations in 2020, including the largest Open Source conference in Asia, the largest .NET conference and Web development conference in Taiwan, which had more than 5,000 participants in total. He loves sharing his experience and what he learned to audience, and he believes those sharing can make each other better.

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