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Jia-Sin Chen

( 陳佳新 )

AI chatbots are leading the software world.


Jia-Sin was an embedded system engineer and mobile app developer in ITRI. He wrote 100+ articles in computer magazines since 1996 and translated 20+ computer books including published by Microsoft Press since 2000. Now he is a full-stack developer and a startup owner of ChiBuApp Inc. based in Changhua.

He loves to blog to share tips on chatbot development and Microsoft AI to the community and provides total solutions to his customers including schools, hospitals, and foundations. His chatbot won the first prize in an entrepreneurial contest held by the government in 2019.

As a technical evangelist, he is very active on public speech. He has given nearly 20 speeches in 2020, including in universities, conferences, meetups, and workshops. He also run a popular monthly Chatbots Meetup in central Taiwan since 2019.

我是奇步應用的佳新,在彰化開設軟體公司。目前是 LINE API Expert ,並且每個月定期在中部舉辦 Chatbot 聊天機器人小聚。曾以觀光導覽型的聊天機器人獲得創業競賽的冠軍。作為技術傳教士, 2020 年在大學、研討會、小聚、工作坊演講了將近 20 個場次。年輕時經常投稿電腦雜誌, 2000 年起翻譯了超過 20 本電腦書,包括 Microsoft Press 出版的幾本 .NET 著作。