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MSc Business Intelligence, PGCert Data Science

Fellow British Computer Society

Tony Rogerson

( Tony Rogerson )

United Kingdom
Harlow, Essex


Over 24 years of Financial Services experience (Debt Management, Investment, Retail and Commercial Banking) performing Database Design, System Architecture, Consultancy, HADR and Troubleshooting, ETL Development, Data Engineering and Business Intelligence on both Operational Data Stores and Data Warehouses primarily using Microsoft SQL Server (T-SQL, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS); proficient in using Kimball or Inmon approaches and using Data Vault. 3 years of Retail experience and 3 of heavy engineering. Comfortable working alone or in a team using Agile, Waterfall or CRISP-DM.

Presented on many technical topics around SQL Server, Big Data, CAP Theorem and LAMBDA architectures, HADOOP, MongoDB, and GPU programming using C# with CUDA. Thesis on Predictive Analytics using weather and grocery data for Sainsburys.

Master’s degree in Business Intelligence, PG Certificate in Data Science. Fellow of the British Computer Society.

Code in F#, C#, R, PHP, Python and T-SQL.

Founder member of SQL Bits, SQL Relay, UK SQL Server User Group and Developer Developer Developer. Received the SQL Server now Data Platform MVP from Microsoft yearly since 1998. Have presented to thousands over the past 19 years through user groups and conferences.

Latest achievements include Lloyds Commercial Bank Data Warehouse using a mix of T-SQL, SSIS and SSAS, Test Harness coded in F# to prove stability and concurrency consistency of the Cloudhouse Data Anywhere SQL Server Data Cache Engine, Database Data Retention and Anonymisation strategy for Fredricksons, Data replication from OpenEdge to SQL Server for Lowell to replace their existing Pro2SQL implementation and dramatically reduce the latency between systems and significantly simplify maintanence, Data Warehouse for Redburn Partners and the migration of the Fredrickson Database platform from on premise to a Rackspace managed private cloud environment.